Here’s a Tribehouse Collective article about the Filid/Geese. (Check them out, while you’re on the site–cool stuff!)

Take-out versions of The Voyage of St. Brendan are coming! We’ll soon have copies of Joel Mason’s epic Brendan poem available, both online and in print. Same goes for the liturgies.

Also, we hope to put out a Filid album in the next year. Many of the songs from our current touring show are available on The Geese’s new album, which (lucky you) is officially out and about! Have a listen, or a buy, at 

Another major project for 2013 is a Filid video series, exploring the crannies of art, and electric guitar, and the wilderness heart.

The Quadrangle is gaining steam after its 4th performance. Every show something new is added. Methinks next on the list is acrobats.